how to install apollo group iptv on Firestick

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how to install apollo group iptv on Firestick

In this guide, I’ll show you how to get Apollo Group IPTV up and running on your Amazon Fire TV gadgets, including FireStick Lite, FireStick 4K, 4K Max, New FireStick 4K, New FireStick 4K Max, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TVs. We’ll cover the cost, check if it’s legal, and help you decide if it’s a good investment. Let’s make your Amazon Fire TV even more awesome with Apollo  IPTV!

Install Downloader App on Amazon FireStick

1. Turn on FireStick home and go to the Find menu.

2. Select Search.

3. Search will take you to a virtual keyboard on FireStick. Type Downloader, and choose it from the suggestions below the keyboard.

4. Select the Downloader app with the orange background in the APPS AND GAMES category.

5. The Download or Get button is on the following page. Select it to install the Downloader app on FireStick.

After we download the Downloader APP on our Firestick , through which we will download the Apollo Group IPTV application on our Firestick device.

6. Open the FireStick home, scroll to the Settings icon, and select it.

7. Select My Fire TV from the settings menu.

8. Open Developer Options.

Note: If you do not see Developer Options, Follow these steps to open it

To access Developer Options on your Amazon Fire TV Stick, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to “Settings” on your Fire TV Stick.
  2. Scroll down and select “My Fire TV.”
  3. Choose “About” from the options.
  4. Look for “Fire TV Stick” in the list. Click on it.
  5. Now, click on it seven times consecutively. This action enables the Developer Options.

9. Find Apps from Unknown Sources. By default, it’s disabled. Turn it ON.

Great job! You’ve successfully added the Downloader app to your FireStick. With the necessary changes made to the FireStick settings, it’s time to proceed with the installation of Apollo iptv on your device. Let’s continue the journey to enhance your FireStick experience!

Download and Install Apollo IPTV APK on FireStick

1. From the FireStick home page, click the Apps icon.

2. Select the Downloader app to launch it.

3. Move to the URL box and select it. It will open a virtual keyboard to type a URL.

4. In Downloader, type the URL to download the Apollo group iptv APK you received in your email.

5. The app will download the Apollo Group IPTV APK online. INSTALL the APK on FireStick when prompted.

Good luck. The Apollo IPTV application has been installed on your device. You can now enjoy the best iptv subscription. get our subscription now from our pricing

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